Impacts of transport

BHI Impacts of transportOur researchers' experience here at the Barbara Hardy Institute, especially in the use of new technologies in environmental modelling and impacts is widely sought after.

Studies have been performed for numerous organisations including the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, the Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services and Transport SA.

A new connected hierarchy of environmental vehicle emission models has been developed that allow for the assessment of a wide variety of transport planning scenarios. These models include link based emissions models, and emissions models that are based on the vehicle's operating mode. These types of models have the ability to assess the environmental impacts, across a network, for different levels of congestion, and different traffic control strategies and traffic management schemes. The models have the ability to use real world data from the area's instrumented vehicle, or accept outputs from microsimulation models that allow the assessment of various 'what if' scenarios.

Our research capabilities include:

  • fuel consumption and emissions modelling of road traffic streams

  • development of a greenhouse gas model for mobile sources in metropolitan areas

  • development of instantaneous emissions models for fleets of vehicles

  • traffic noise monitoring, modelling and the assessment of noise-related problems

  • Knowledge-Based Systems for the appraisal of traffic-related environmental problems (SIMESEPT)

  • advanced computing techniques for dense network modelling, traffic simulation, and emissions modelling, including the TrafikPlan, Cabal and NetNoise packages

  • automatic vehicle location (AVL) using satellite-based (GPS) and land-based systems

  • realtime congestion measurement and monitoring

  • the use of GIS as a tool for visualisation and analysis of urban transport operations, system performance, and pollution dispersion

  • the use of microsimulation modelling for assessing environmental impacts of transport policy initiatives and intelligent transport systems (ITS) technology

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Key projects include:

  • AutoCRC


    The Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Automotive Technology.

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  • Urban road networks

    Urban road networks

    Dynamic vulnerability of urban road networks (ARC Discovery project).

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  • Urban sustainability

    Urban sustainability

    An integrated model for the assessment of urban sustainability (ARC Linkage project).

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  • Research projects

    Research projects

    Our researchers conduct collaborative research that are fundamental to the sustainability of our natural and built environments.

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