Building and construction

BHI TimberResearchers in the Institute have been working with industry and government to improve design, construction and development of Australian settlements and communities through research, education and practice since the early 1990s. Specific areas of research are:

  • Building design
  • Corporate and social responsibility
  • Cost differentials of different housing types
  • Cultural change within the construction industry
  • Embodied energy of buildings
  • Energy baseline assessments
  • Impact of fire on building design
  • Life cycle costing
  • Low carbon communities
  • Project management
  • Renewable energy resource assessment
  • Waste avoidance in the construction industry

For both domestic and international clients and markets, researchers also provide expert specialist advise and consultancy services to the building industry including:

  • development plan review
  • planning and building inspections and reports
  • referees and product testing
  • private certification
  • building surveying and project management
  • quality assurance
  • continuing professional development programs for the building professions
  • short courses in Management and Building Surveying  

Key projects include:

  • Adapting to heatwaves

    Adapting to heatwaves

    A framework of adaptation of Australian households to heat waves (NCCARF funded).

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  • Low carbon living CRC

    Low carbon living CRC

    Overcoming identified market barriers preventing adoption of cost effective low carbon products and services.

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  • Sustainable design culture

    Sustainable design culture

    Re-considerning sustainable building and design: A cultural change approach (ARC Linkage project).

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  • Sustainable in-fill development

    Sustainable in-fill development

    Using low-carbon CLT prefabrication: Adaptation for the Australian context (Barbara Hardy Institute Icon Project).

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Areas of study and research

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