Seminars, Events and Presentations


If you are interested attending any NBERC bookings listed below, please email to register.

  • Research Career Workshop
    10th August 2018
    2pm to 5pm, BJ3-03 City East Campus
  • Program Roadmap - a visual, interactive and self-regulating digital representation of the student learning journey
    14th September 2018
    2pm to 3pm, P2-51 Mawson Lakes Campus
  • Breaking EGS
    26th October 2018
    12pm to 2pm, P2-04 Mawson Lakes Campus
  • Project Management Workshop
    26th October 2018
    2.30pm to 3.30pm, BJ3-55 City East Campus
    16th November 2018
    9am to 5pm, C3-16 and various locaiton within City East Campus

Previous NBERC bookings

  • Geo-Spatial Literacy: an underated capability in our technologhy driven world
    20th July 2018

    2pm to 3pm, BJ3-03 City East Campus
  • 3MT School Heat
    15th June 2018

    2pm to 3.30pm, BJ3-03 City East Campus
  • Breaking EGS Seminar
    1st June 2018

    12noon to 2pm, P2-04 Mawson Lakes Campus
  • Requirments for accurate Chemical Analysis
    18th May 2018

    12noon to 3.30pm, PH1-42, Mawson Lakes Campus
  • An Introduction to University College London Engineering Unit based here in Adelaide
    11th May 2018

    2pm to 3pm, P2-04 Mawson Lakes Campus
  • Developing your Research Career
    1st September 2017
    2pm to 5pm, BJ3-03 City East Campus

  • A revised Capstone course from design to deliver - 
    successes and challenges
    29th September 2017
    2pm to 5pm, P2-04 Mawson Lakes Campus

  • Breaking EGS Seminar
    27th October 2017

    P2-04, Mawson Lakes Campus

  • NBERC Research Colloquium
    17th November 2017
    9am to 5pm, City East Campus

  • Australian/Korean Research Symposium
    5th December 2017

    8.30am to 6.30pm, City East Campus

Areas of study and research

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