our collaborationsAdvanced Computing Research Centre (ACRC) 

The Advanced Computing Research Centre (ACRC) maintains a number of relationships and links with prominent Australian and international IT organisations and international universities that have translated into many benefits for our students, including scholarships, prizes and awards, championing innovation right from the start of our researchers’ careers. 

Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (CIAM)

The Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics has established links with many research organisations both nationally and internationally.

Phenomics and Bioinformatics Research Centre (PRBC)

The Phenomics and Bioinformatics Research Centre (PRBC) was established in 2008 as a joint venture between the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics (ACPFG). The PBRC forms one of the four nodes of the ACPFG and receives support from numerous sponsors, including the:

Australian Research Organisations 

We collaborate and consult with a number of research organisations including:

Key external collaborators




Dr P Adamson University of Adelaide Australia
Dr S Agrawal University of Delaware USA
Dr R Aguiar INETI, Department of Renewable Energy Portugal
Dr E Altman INRIA France
Professor J-P Aubin Paris-Dauphine University France
Dr K Avrachenkov INRIA France
Professor R Bailey University of London UK
Professor N Bean University of Adelaide Australia
Dr Eric Beh University of Western Sydney Australia
Professor Valerij Belopshapka Moscow State University Russia
Professor Robert Borelli Harvey Mudd College USA
Professor Vivek Borkar Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) India
Professor Jonathan Borwein Simon Fraser University Canada
A/Professor S Chen National University of Singapore Singapore
Professor J Cheng Anhui University P.R. China
Professor C Demetrio University of Sao Paulo Brazil
Professor Tzanko D Donchev University of Architecture & Civil Engineering Bulgaria
Dr Geoff Downes ENSIS, University of Tasmania Australia
Professor Paul Dupuis Brown University USA
Professor Malcolm Faddy University of Queensland Australia
Professor Eugene Feinberg State University of New York USA
Professor G Fleury Service des Mesures, SUPELEC France
Dr Anthony Fowler SGES, Auckland University New Zealand
Professor H Frankowska Ecole Polytechnique France
Professor Rafail N Gasimov Osmangazi University Turkey
Dr Wayne Getz University of California, Berkeley USA
Professor Chris Glasbey BIOSS, Edinburgh University UK
Dr J Gondzio University of Edinburgh UK
Dr Patrick Graham University of Otago New Zealand
Professor D Haughton Bentley College, Boston USA
Professor A Haurie University of Geneva Switzerland
Professor Moshe Haviv The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel
Professor T Hettmansperger Penn State University USA
Professor John Hinde National University of Ireland Ireland
Professor Alexander Isaev Australian National University Australia
Dr K Jones SARDI Australia
Dr M Karan Boeing, Seattle USA
Professor L Ke Beijing China
Professor M King Monash University Australia
Dr J-B Lasserre LAAS-CNRS France
Professor A Leizarowitz Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) Israel
Professor K Lever Cardiff University UK
Professor Y Lin Tsinghua University, Beijing China
Dr F Manzini National University of Mexico Mexico
Dr R Martin University College, London UK
Dr Andrew Mason University of Auckland New Zealand
Professor Geoff McLachlan University of Queensland Australia
Professor Walter Murray Stanford University USA
A/Professor S Naik IIT Madras India
Dr Kien Ming Ng National University of Singapore Singapore
Associate Professor L Noakes University of Western Australia Australia
Professor Gert Jan Olsder Delft University of Technology The Netherlands
A/Professor James O'Malley Harvard University USA
Professor R Payne IACR, Rothamsted UK
Professor S Ponnusamy IIT Madras India
Dr AMI Roberts BIOSS, Edinburgh University UK
Professor Terry Root Stanford University USA
Dr Andrew Rudge University of Canterbury NZ
Professor Stephen Schneider Stanford University USA
Dr S Simakov Defence Science and Technology Organisation Australia
Professor Bimal Sinha University of Maryland USA
Dr Y Stokes University of Adelaide Australia
Professor Rupert Wimmer Agricultural Unviersity,Vienna Austria
Dr P Yip The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Dr A Zaslavski Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) Israel
Dr P Zograf Steklov Institute, St Petersburg Russia

Areas of study and research

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