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Placement Information and Requirements

As a pre-service teacher at the School of Education you will undertake professional experience as part of your program. This real-life experience could take place in a variety of care and school settings, including in rural and remote locations. You will be able to indicate a district preference that suits you.

As well as gaining first hand experience of the teaching profession, you will develop an understanding of the community context of teaching and of different teacher roles. You will gradually become more involved with all aspects of teaching, including preparing learning materials, addressing student needs, maintaining appropriate behaviour and engaging with extra curricular activities.

Professional experience is a full-time continuous commitment.

  • If you are enrolled in an undergraduate program you will undertake a total of 80 days' professional experience (100 days in Early Childhood), spread over four placements.
  • Postgraduate students undertake 60 days of professional experience spread across three placements.

In the lead up to undertaking each professional experience placement there are a number of pre-requisites and requirements that you need to satisfy before an appropriate placement site will be allocated to you. Complete the “Placement Information and Requirements” process to ensure that these pre-requisites and requirements are fully met.

The "Placement Information and Requirements" is home to all the forms you are required to complete, resources you may need, all the key dates and contacts and will be able to answer any questions you may have about your placement.

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