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School leadership

Professor Jason BainbridgeHead of School
+618 8302 4854 (Personal Assistant)

Professor Adrian Franklin, Associate Head of School: Research
+618 8302 4789

Ms Kerri Crocker, School Manager
+618 8302 4181


Program Directors


Bachelor of Arts: Dr Jonathan Crichton 

Bachelor of Arts (Indigenous Cultures and Australian Society): Assoc Prof Tangi Steen

Bachelor of Communication and Media: Dr Sally Lewis

Bachelor of Journalism and Professional Writing: Dr Patrizia Furlan

Bachelor of Media Arts: Dr Ian Hutchison

Bachelor of Music: Prof Jason Bainbridge


Bachelor of Arts (Honours): Dr Brad West

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) James Morrison Academy: Dr Daniel Biro


Graduate Diploma in Communication (PR): Dr Adam Simpson

Master of Aboriginal Studies: Dr Adam Simpson

Doctor of Philosophy: Dr Katrina Jaworski


Professional staff

Personal Assistant to HOS:  Aleksandra Vergulis

Team Leader (Teaching): Mel Friend

Senior Academic Services Officer (Teaching): Arna Eyers-White

Senior Placement Officer: John Gartland

Academic Services Officer: Dom Panagaris

Academic Services Officer: Di Banbury

Academic Services Officer: Rosie Paradiso

Academic Services Officer (Timetabling): Hayley Beck

Team Leader (Research): Julie White

Academic Services Officer: Anna Dinys

Senior Academic Services Officer: Stephanie Krawczyk

Administrative Assistant: Craig Hicks

Technical support staff

Senior Technical Officer: Andrei Gostin 

Technical Officer: Peter Nielsen

Technical Officer: Justin McGuiness

Academic staff

Anderson, Dr Heather - Senior Lecturer: Journalism

Anderson, Dr Sue - Lecturer: Indigenous Cultures and Australian Society

Bilsborow, Dr Carolyn - Lecturer: Media Arts

Biro, Dr Daniel - Lecturer: History & Global Politics

Crichton, Dr Jonathan - Program Director: Bachelor of Arts

Fewster, Dr Russell - Lecturer: Drama and Performing Arts

Franklin, Prof Adrian - Professor: Creative Industries & Cultural Policy

Furlan, Dr Patrizia - Program Director: Journalism

Gale, Assoc Prof Peter - Senior Lecturer: Aboriginal Studies

Glenny, Dr Leanne - Lecturer: Public Relations

Godwin, Ms Rebecca - Lecturer: Media Arts

Green, Prof Kerry - Professor: Journalism

Heugh, Dr Kathleen - Associate Professor: Applied Linguistics

Hoenig, Dr Ron - Lecturer: Journalism

Hsu, Dr Eric - Lecturer: Sociology

Hutchison, Dr Ian - Lecturer: Film and TV Production

Hogarth, Dr Chris - Lecturer:  French

Jaworski, Dr Katrina - Senior Lecturer: Cultural Studies

Lewis, Dr Sally - Program Director: Bachelor of Communication and Media

Li, Ms Anne - Research Assistant: Applied Linguistics

Loechel, Ms Kate - Research Assistant:  Applied Linguistics

Longo, Mr Tommaso - Lecturer: Media Arts

Luckman, Prof Susan - Professor: Cultural Studies

MacFarlane, Dr Kit - Lecturer: Creative Writing

Main, Dr Wilson - Lecturer: Media Arts

Marriott, Dr Phil - Lecturer: Electronic Computer & Information Management

McCarthy, Dr Joshua -  Senior Lecturer: Communication (Digital Media)

Naqvi, Mr Jeff - Lecturer: Communication and Media

O'Neil, Dr Fiona - Lecturer: Applied Linguistics

Page, Dr Sue - Senior Lecturer: Writing and Creative Communication

Petrescu, Dr Ioana - Senior Lecturer: Professional Writing

Radford, Dr David - Lecturer: Sociology

Raynes, Dr Cameron - Lecturer: Aboriginal Studies

Roberts, Dr Rosie - Lecturer: Indigenous Cultures & Australian Society

Scarino, Assoc Prof Angela - Director: Research Centre for Languages and Cultures

Sharma, Ms Neelu - Lecturer: Journalism

Simpson, Dr Adam - Program Director: Postgraduate programs

Sinclair, Dr Karen - Lecturer: Aboriginal Studies

Snowden, Dr Collette - Senior Lecturer: Public Relations

Steen, Assoc Prof Tangi - Senior Lecturer: Aboriginal Studies

Somerfield, Ms Rebecca - Lecturer: Communication and Media

Stubbs, Dr Ben - Senior Lecturer: Professional Writing (Journalism)

Valadian, Ms Jasmine - Lecturer: Aboriginal Studies

Viljoen, Dr Jeanne-Marie - Lecturer: Cultural & Media Studies & English

Walton, Dr Saige- Senior Lecturer: Screen Studies

West, Dr Brad - : Senior Lecturer: Sociology

Adjunct staff

Prof Claire Woods

Emeritus Professor

Prof Denise Wood

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

Prof Ian Richards

Adjunct Professor

Prof James Morrison

Head of School - James Morrison Academy/ Vice Chancellor's Professorial Fellow

Prof Jon Stratton

Adjunct Professor

Prof Suzanne Franzway

Emeritus Professor

Prof Tony Liddicoat

Adjunct Professor

AsPr Peter Bishop

Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr David Lundberg

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Dr David Lundberg

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Dr Giancarlo Chiro

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

Dr Heather Gibb

Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr Isobel Grave

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Dr Jean Duruz

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

Dr Michelle Kohler

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Dr Nigel Starck

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

Dr Pamela Schulz

Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

Dr Rodney Fopp

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Dr Sharon Mascall-Dare

Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr Vicki Crowley

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Ms Diana Chessell

Adjunct Research Fellow

Areas of study and research

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