Research Week

Research Week

The Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences (EASS) is committed to fostering learning, research and design that identifies and solves important problems.

Our wide span of research capabilities allows us to cover topics ranging from creative industries, design, digital arts and humanities, media and communication, urban sciences and informatics, social care and social innovation, Indigenous issues, brain sciences, learning analytics and language development.

EASS Research Week is a time to celebrate and showcase the diversity of our excellent research activities. We invite you to a series of public events as part of this exciting week.




Monday 18 September

New Eyes on Adelaide

9:30 am for a 10 am start
Bradley Forum, City West Campus
Facilitator:  Professor Denise Meredyth

Speakers: Professor Jason Bainbridge, Professor Barbara Comber, Professor Adrian Franklin, Professor Ruth Bridgstock, Professor Ian Gwilt

This discussion focusses on the South Australian budget and the opportunities it opens up for UniSA research. Hear from our speakers, who come from a range of research backgrounds, and then join in the discussion and have your say.



‘5 Minute Pitch’ for Research Concentrations

12 - 1.30pm
Bradley Forum, City West Campus

Come join us as our Research Concentrations each present a compelling oration on their research and its significance in only 5 minutes!

You will hear about the exciting research being undertaken and the interdisciplinary approach to delivering responsive, clever and enterprising outcomes.




Showcase: Creative Computing suite, Architecture Museum, Match Studio 

1:45pm – 3pm
Kaurna Building, City West Campus

Come and explore the research facilities and activities in the School of Art, Architecture and Design.

Creative Computing Studio and Hyve 3D facilities
If you have an interest in the evolving world of technology, the Creative Computing Studio and Hyve 3D facilities is a must see. Learn about the capabilities of technological systems, including motion capture, full-body human-computer interaction, fully immersive 3D simulators, virtual and augmented reality. Come along to take advantage of the opportunity to experience these fascinating technologies.

Architecture Museum
Immerse yourself in South Australia’s architectural history at the Architecture Museum.  Experience a ‘white gloves’ viewing of selected treasures from the Museum’s collection of over 200,000 items relating to SA’s architectural history. View first hand, items including architectural drawings, travel diaries, sketchbooks, photographs, as well as rare and antique books.

Match Studio

Match Studio offers course-based projects linking students and industry in workshops for and with UniSA staff, industry and community groups. The projects are industry-focused and research-led guided by UniSA academics. Explore the Match Studio facilities and learn about the interesting suite of ‘design thinking’ and ‘co-design’ methods and tools that Match Studio utilises within these projects. 




Research Themes Workshop: Transforming Industries

3.30pm - 5pm
Council Meeting Room H5-26, City West Campus
Professor Emily Hilder
Speakers: Professor Peter Murphy, Dr Jane Andrew and Dr Peter Schumacher

Australian competitiveness needs innovative industries and services that are focused, agile and high value-add. By prioritising the sustainable use of our resources and by adding value where we have a competitive advantage, we will optimise long-term economic, social and environmental benefit to the community. Join Prof Emily Hilder and other leading academics exploring those opportunities.




Keynote Lecture: Maggie Beer AM In-Conversation with Professor Denise Meredyth

5:30pm for a 6pm start
Allan Scott Auditorium, H2-16, City West Campus 

A respected mentor to many, Maggie Beer is celebrated for her entrepreneurial skills and natural leadership abilities in the gourmet food arena. 

With an impressive list of achievements, adding an extra string to her bow, in 2014 Maggie established her own foundation; Maggie Beer Foundation, to 'create an appetite for life', regardless of age or health restrictions.  The welfare of those in aged care homes has been an ongoing concern of Maggie’s for a long time and she is so happy to finally have found the time and people to support her passion. 

Join Maggie Beer and Denise Meredyth in this conversational session about the Maggie Beer Foundation, Its research, and its links to EASS.




Tuesday 19 September

Research Themes Workshop: Healthy Communities

9.30am - 11am
P2.41, Mawson Lakes Campus
Facilitators: Professor Chris Saint & Associate Professor Susan Hillier
Speakers: Associate Professor Deirdre Tedmanson, Professor Ning GuDr Barbara Drigo, Dr Jane Andrew, Dr Damian Madigan, Dr Peter Schumacher & Dr Rietie Venter

To make our State the healthiest State, we need to make healthy choices easy for all South Australians.  To facilitate this, we not only need outstanding research, but also use our research to develop resources, ideas, tools and programs. Join A/Prof Susan Hillier, Prof Chris Saint and other leading academics exploring those opportunities from projects to policies.




Research Themes Workshop: Transforming Societies

12pm - 1.30pm
RR4.11, City West Campus
Facilitators: Professor Matthias Schlesewsky
Speakers: Professor Leonie SegalProfessor Ina Bornkessel-SchlesewskyAssociate Professor Kathleen HeughDr Jonathan Crichton

Join Professor Matthias Schlesewsky and a panel of leading academics in a discussion around Language and Literacy in Transforming Societies.  They will share insights on:

  • how digitalisation and social media can cause changes in language and literacy skills.  
  • why literacy skills have changed over the past years in rural communities.
  • what is the role that literacy plays in entrenching or disrupting disadvantage.
  • why we have a higher sensitivity for language diversity.

This will be an eye opening workshop, not to be missed. 



Research Themes Workshop: Ageing

2.00pm - 3.30pm
Bradley Forum, City West Campus
Facilitator: Professor Andrew Beer
Speakers: Professor Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky & Professor Ning Gu

This workshop provides insights to issues that are either enablers or impediments to achieving an age friendly world.

Join the discussion with Professor Andrew Beer, Dean, Research and Innovation, UniSA Business School, in seeking the emergence of key critical issues in the development of individuals in every stage of the life course, and learn how the contribution of EASS researchers can make to their illumination.

This will be an insightful workshop not to be missed!




Research Themes Workshop: Health - Preventing Cancer by Lifestyle Changes

3.30pm - 5.00pm
RR4-11, City West Campus

Facilitators: Professor Ian Olver & Associate Professor Alwin Chong 
Speakers: Dr Amanda Hutchinson

Did you know that at least 30% of cancers are preventable by lifestyle changes alone?

Cancer represents the greatest burden of disease in our community and we want to spread a health policy message to the general public and disadvantaged groups in the population, on how to prevent cancer by lifestyle changes.

This workshop involves a panel of speakers interacting with participants to plan interdisciplinary research that would provide an evidence base for public messaging and health policies.

Join in to collaborate ideas on how to combine disciplines across health, town planning, and food distribution to create an effective public message, and use social marketing to spread it to a wide audience.

This is an important workshop to get involved with. Let’s work together to make a difference!




Enterprising Partnerships Talk: Associate Professor Jill Dorrian & Associate Professor Siobhan Banks

5.30pm for a 6pm start
Allan Scott Auditorium, City West Campus

More Information on Enterprising Partnerships.



Wednesday 20 September

Brain Tour

1.00pm - 2.30pm
Cognitive Neuroscience Labratory H1-04, UniSA Magill Campus
Facilitators: Associate Professor Jill Dorrian, Professor Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky & Professor Matthias Schlesewsky

Ever wondered how the brain really works? This is your opportunity to get up close and personal into the interesting equipment and measurement methods we use to understand the brain.

In EASS, we have a strong concentration on brain research across two laboratories:

  • Sleep and Chronobiology – NEW!
  • Cognitive Neuroscience

Tour our Cognitive Neuroscience and Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratories and see how our new facilities use complementary techniques to investigate changes in brain function, which tells us how the brain works, behaviour, and health.




Workshop: Smart Cities Workshop

4.30pm - 6pm
G1 72/73, UniSA Magill Campus
 Dr Tim McGinley & Dr Sean Pickersgill
Speaker: Professor Andy Koronios

The annual EASS research week brings researchers together from across the Division to share research approaches, partnerships and achievements, to stimulate new ideas and research outcomes. Professor Andy Koronios, Dean of Industry and Enterprise will lead a panel of academics and industry partners in a challenge workshop exploring end-user focussed research from the perspective of an ongoing multi sector collaboration on Smart Cities. Participants can expect to come away with fresh perspectives on interdisciplinary and collaborative research, new ideas about research funding, outcomes and impact, insights into the Smart Cities project in Adelaide, and new connections with colleagues and external research partners.







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