Centre for Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience

Research in the Centre for Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience is focused on understanding the neurobiological basis of human cognition and performance across the lifespan. Our mission is to perform cutting-edge, model-oriented research in this domain, with the ultimate aim of translating insights from basic research into improving human performance and cognitive health. Our approach is inherently interdisciplinary, embracing collaborations with researchers from a wide range of fields as well as with industry and end-user partners. Our research is based on the following guiding values:

  • Scientific excellence: 
we strive to produce scientific outputs of the highest quality 
  • Model-oriented research: 
we are committed to developing and testing falsifiable brain-based models of human cognition and performance 
  • Best data practices: 
we follow best practices and set standards in data acquisition, data analysis and open access to publications, raw data and analysis protocols
  • Societal impact / community engagement:
we conduct research that matters to society and that is translatable to addressing real-world problems 
  • Integrating research and teaching: 
we are dedicated to excellent teaching and training of undergraduate and postgraduate students

Research in the CCSN encompasses several overarching themes and competencies, which render our research distinctive in the domains of cognitive and systems neuroscience:

  • naturalistic experimental paradigms with real-world applications (e.g. studying cognitive processing in naturalistic environments involving whole-body action; examining why augmented reality improves performance on industrial tasks) 
  • a focus on inter-individual differences
  • a lifespan focus viewed through a developmental lens
  • emphasis on the brain behaviour interface

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