New Communication, Media and Arts Degrees in 2015

New Communication Degrees

From 2015, the University of South Australia’s School of Communication, International Studies and Languages will be offering a new and dynamic portfolio of undergraduate and diploma qualifications. The new suite of degrees will provide graduates with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the evolving communication, media and arts industries. Developed through extensive consultation with staff, industry, students and other stakeholders, graduates will emerge as creative, innovative, and work-ready professionals, equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed in an array of employment environments.

Bachelor of Arts

The University of South Australia’s new Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree allows you to study a double major – giving you the opportunity to pursue two areas of academic interest and enhance your career options at the same time.

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Bachelor of Media Arts

Media Arts is an innovative degree that provides the theoretical understanding and practical foundation in creative media production, using contemporary digital tools.

This degree will enable you to enter the exciting world of film, television, animation, digital design, interactivity, web and mobile design within two distinct strands – Film, Television and Computer- Generated Imagery (CGI); and Digital Media.

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Bachelor of Communication and Media

Organisations need professionals to communicate effectively and efficiently, with the skills and confidence to use a range of media platforms and the capacity to engage audiences. As a graduate of the new Bachelor of Communication and Media you will be able to adapt your personal communication style to create and develop the many and varied forms of communication required in 21st century society.

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Study UniSA's new Communication, Media and Arts degrees in 2015

Clayton and Christina talk about UniSA's new Communication, Media and Arts degrees.

Bachelor of Journalism and Professional Writing

Writing is a career – many would say a calling – that opens up a wide range of opportunities. The new degree will enable students to develop the advanced skills needed in the news industry and other fields requiring multi-platform writing and production skills.

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Diploma in Languages

The Diploma in Languages allows you to develop proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing in a chosen language and to develop an understanding of the related culture and society. This is a unique opportunity to study a language concurrently with your chosen degree.

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Areas of study and research

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