Submission options

Participants have a choice of three submission options:

Option 1: Book Chapter

Option 2: Conference Paper

Option 3: Conference Poster

Please click here to download the page layout template for any of the above submission options.

In all cases, at least one co-author must register for and present the chapter, paper, or poster at the conference.  All submissions of proposed book chapters, conference papers, or conference posters should be written in English and include an abstract of 400–500 words that contains a title together with a short description of the proposed topic, methods used, key results, and some discussion of the research implications for urban planning and urban management. The abstract submission should also indicate keywords identifying the area of research, key data sources, and primary references.  All contributions should also be accompanied by the name, affiliation, address, telephone number, and email address of each author.  For co-authored papers, one individual should be identified as the corresponding author.

Option 1: Book Chapter:

A maximum of thirty abstract submissions, which fit well together around the central theme of the book “Planning Support Science for Smarter Urban Futures” will be selected for inclusion in a book, published by Springer Publishers, just in time for the conference. These thirty chapters will be selected, based on the outcomes of a peer review process of the 400-500 word abstract submissions overseen by the book editors.  The final number of chapters in the book will be dependent on the book chapters selected out of the full double blind peer review process.  Authors of selected abstracts will then have a few months to complete the full chapters of 5,000 words in length (it is preferable not to be too much below this target), including abbreviated abstract (max 150 words), notes, figures, tables (allowing around 200 words per table), references, et cetera. All full chapters will then be double-blind peer reviewed and selected by members of the (Advisory) Board of Directors of CUPUM, under the supervision of the book editors. The abbreviated abstracts of the selected papers will also be included in the Conference Proceedings. Inclusion of the paper as a chapter in the book implies acceptance of a publishing agreement that requires transfer of copyright to Springer Publishers.  All chapters selected for inclusion into the book will have to be presented at the conference by a registered conference participant, such as the book chapter’s lead or co-author.

Option 2: Conference Paper:

Besides the Springer book also conference papers can be submitted for inclusion in the digital Conference Proceedings. The Program Committee of the CUPUM Conference will double-blind peer review and select the conference papers. To start with, abstracts (400-500 words, covering the introduction, methodology, major conclusions, and recommendations) can be submitted.  Authors of selected abstracts will then be invited to finalize their papers and submit them for double-blind peer review for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings.  The full papers should be between 4,000 and 5,000 words in length, including abbreviated abstract (max 150 words), notes, figures, tables, references, et cetera. The Conference Proceedings will be available online as well as distributed on flash drives at the Conference. The electronic conference proceedings will include abstracts of all conference presentations plus full papers screened by the peer review process. All papers selected for inclusion into the proceedings will have to be presented at the conference by a registered conference participant, such as the conference papers lead or co-author.

 Option 3: Conference Poster:

Posters may also be selected for presentation at the conference and their abstract for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings. The Program Committee will select these conference posters based on a peer review of the 400-500 word abstract submissionsAt the conference, the poster sessions will accommodate display of posters up to A0 in size (841 x 1189 mm, or 33.1 x 46.8 inches). 

Areas of study and research

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