Let's talk about the brain: Modulating pain and stiffness using novel advances in neuroscience.

22 September 2017


P7-27 Playford Building
City East Campus

Dr Tasha Stanton is a Senior Research Fellow with the BodyinMind Research group at the University of South Australia & Neuroscience Research Australia, Sydney.
Tasha currently holds a National Health & Medical Research Council Early Career Fellowship. She has published over 50 journal articles in the area of chronic pain and has received >$2m in research funding. Her research interests include cortical body representation (how the body is represented in the brain), perception, multimodal illusions, mediated reality, and pain.
Bodily feelings, such as pain, are often protective in that they allow us to safeguard our body from further damage by avoiding provoking activities. We typically assume that bodily feelings reflect the biological state of our body tissues; however, they often do not – for example, a paper cut can be excruciatingly painful while we can have a bruise that we don’t remember getting. Indeed, there is growing body of evidence to suggest that our bodily feelings are a result of complex multisensory processes, driven by behaviourally relevant outcomes: incoming sensory information is constantly being filtered, prioritised and combined to create a unified perception of reality. This talk will discuss new pain neuroscience knowledge, namely the role of the multisensory information in protective sensations such as pain and stiffness. This talk will specifically present new data from experimental and clinical science suggesting that targeting the brain, using multisensory visual, tactile, and auditory illusions, can impact pain and stiffness in people with chronic pain.

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