Industry and collaboration

UniSA welcomes collaboration with industry, business and professional bodies. Discover some of the ways you could benefit from engaging with the University.

We maintain close connections with the public and private sectors through a range of partnership opportunities. Do business with us and you can gain access to world-class knowledge, skills and facilities. We invite you to explore the research, education and recruitment opportunities available to help you achieve your business objectives.

  • Research collaboration

    Research collaboration

    Partner with UniSA to tap into our extensive international network of leading-edge research. Find out more about our commitment to creating and applying knowledge to real-world situations.

    Research partnerships
  • Corporate education

    Corporate education

    Are you looking for tailored programs to develop your employees? Find out more.

    Tailored programs
  • Employer opportunities

    Employer opportunities

    Explore student placement and graduate employment opportunities for your business.

    Prospective employers

Collaborating with UniSA

Areas of study and research

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