Horizon 2020

(Note: Horizon 2020 was released in 2010. See Crossing the Horizon for the latest development of our strategic plan.)

Since its foundation in 1991, UniSA has earned a reputation for innovation, adaptability and smart planning. Part of our ethos has always been to make a difference in the wider world by contributing to local, national and global communities through our research and innovation and through the education of quality graduates ready to make their mark.

In 2008 UniSA established a revised Vision, Mission and Values statement and introduced New Horizons - an outline of our aspirations for our people and our performance.

That work has been fruitful. It has guided stronger success and delivered fresh confidence in how much UniSA can achieve. That confidence has been reinforced by tangible improvements, including a positive 2009 Australian University Quality Agency audit and many individual and group achievements across all divisions of the university in teaching, research and community engagement.

In 2010, UniSA finalised an ambitious ten-year plan to guide our growth and development.

Horizon 2020 defines our aspirations for the future. It was shaped within the university community and reflects our ambition, commitment to quality and our passion to deliver. More than 1000 staff, students and alumni contributed to the plan and it rightly reflects their confidence and aspirations for the university.

Horizon 2020 is a bold statement of an enduring commitment from the entire university community to build cohesive and sustainable societies. We can be proud of that passion to make a difference.

On the horizon

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