Council Meeting Schedule

Council is the governing body of the University. Its role is shaped by the requirements of the University of South Australia Act, common law, the strategic direction, activities, and needs of the University and community expectations.

Within this framework the Council oversees the development and implementation of strategy and seeks to maximize the University’s capacity to achieve the purposes for which it was established.

The following is a schedule of the proposed Council meetings for the year with agendas and confirmed non-confidential minutes.

2017 Meeting Schedule

Meeting Date

Close of Papers



C1/17 Thursday 23 February

Monday 13 February

Agenda C1/17 (pdf)

Minutes C1/17(pdf)

C2/17 Thursday 16 March

Monday 6 March

Agenda C2/17 (pdf)

 Minutes C2/17(pdf)

C3/17 Thursday 13 April

Monday 3 April

 Agenda C3/17 (pdf)

 Minutes C3/17 (pdf)

C4/17 Thursday 15 June

Monday 5 June

 Agenda C4/17 (pdf)

 Minutes C3/17 (pdf)

C5/17 Thursday 17 August

Monday 7 August

 Agenda C5/17 (pdf)

 Minutes C5/17 (pdf)

C6/17 Thursday 19 October

Monday 9 October

 Agenda C6/17 (pdf)


C7/17 Thursday 14 December

Monday 4 December












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